Discover our History

Every adventure has its story, and Elysta's is rooted in our shared passion for craftsmanship, sustainable design and a love of family. 

Immerse yourself in the intimate story of our journey, discover the values that guide us and the dreams that propel us into the future. Join us on the journey that has made Elysta what it is today: a place where innovation meets craftsmanship, and where every piece tells a story ...

A mum who's an artist with a brain bursting with ideas, a dad who's a craftsman with his hands and a little tribe always on the lookout for adventure! Maud Roegiers designs and imagines the world of Elysta. She customises and makes each order unique. Erwan Morelle shapes, cuts and pampers each order right through to delivery.

Like the Little Prince and his famous sheep, one day children asked their parents to invent beds for them to dream in!

That's all it took for Maud to crunch her pencil lead on the paper and Erwan to cut out and assemble the furniture he'd imagined for his family!Il n’en fallait pas plus pour que Maud fasse crisser la mine de son crayon sur le papier et qu’Erwan découpe et assemble les meubles imaginés pour sa famille !

​The beds were transformed into an enchanted forest and a pudgy, funny monster! Far from stopping there, an owl swing appeared one day in the living room and the barriers preventing children from using the stairs and the little chairs came to life!

Nothing seemed impossible... And what was bound to happen... did happen... Such was the response from family and friends that the couple decided to start marketing their delightful creations! In 2017, the "ELYSTA" brand was officially born!

Discover our team

Meet the Elysta craftsmen - a team united by a passion for wood, innovation and excellence. Each member brings his or her own uniqueness, creative flare and unwavering dedication, helping to forge the unique identity of our brand. 

Discover the faces of the craftsmen who bring our furniture to life, and who make Elysta a big family, far beyond the workshops.


Erwan MORELLE, Administrateur, Co-designer

Co-founder, loves a challenge. With several years' experience as a freelancer, Erwan has helped the company get to where it is today.


Maud ROEGIERS, Designer

Co-founder, with her experience in childcare for major clothing brands (Maud Design), she sketches the image of our products. Maud is one of the driving forces behind the company.

Mathieu JAILLET, Worker

Mathieu is an emblematic figure. Thanks to his multi-faceted experience, he oversees production right through to dispatch.


Moise ASSUTTU, Worker

With his experience in carpentry, Moise puts his professional skills at the service of the company to help it grow.

Florian CABU, Intern

The youngest of the bunch. Very curious and always ready to help, Florian has joined us as a trainee and we are honoured that he has chosen us to continue his apprenticeship!